Sixth Form scholarships are available for boys and girls of exceptional talent in the Sixth Form at QEH. The value of the scholarship will vary based on the number and strength of the applications received in each subject area but will be not less than 10% of fees and not usually more than 25% of fees. More than one scholarship may be awarded in any given subject area.

All candidates for scholarships will be tested by an interview and, in some cases, a practical assessment. Interviews will be conducted by the relevant Head of Department and Senior Staff. Awards will be made on the basis of these assessments and are also likely to be conditional on the candidate achieving specified grades at GCSE level. 

Existing QEH pupils will be eligible to apply as long as they are not already in receipt of a scholarship. Pupils currently in receipt of a bursary may apply for a scholarship but the total level of assistance offered (bursary plus scholarship) is unlikely to exceed the value of the existing bursary. Internal candidates will be subject to the same assessment procedure as external candidates.

Scholarships will be offered in the following areas:

QEH has a proud tradition of stretching and challenging talented mathematicians and preparing them for entry to Oxford and Cambridge and other top universities.

The award of a scholarship will require a strong performance in our scholarship interview and, ideally, evidence of a track record of success in external maths competitions.

With large, modern laboratories and high-quality teaching, QEH is an ideal place to study science at A level. This scholarship is for students preparing to study 3 sciences plus maths at A level and the award will be dependent on a strong performance in our scholarship interviews.

Languages (Ancient and Modern)
French, German, Spanish, Latin and Greek are all available at A level and prove popular choices. Talented linguists and classicists are invited to apply for this scholarship and will be expected to study either two modern foreign languages or a modern and a classical language or two classical languages at A level. Candidates will be assessed in both languages.

English is a strong department and a scholarship is available for someone keen to study Literature at University and wanting to contribute to literary scholarship and activities in school. Assessment will be based on interview.

QEH boasts excellent facilities for Fine Art, Photography and 3-D work in plaster and clay. A scholarship is available for a talented artist, probably intending a career in an art-related field, who will major in art or photography during the sixth form years. Assessment will be through a portfolio of work.

With a state-of-the –art theatre, QEH has a long tradition of creating excellent theatre and preparing students for careers on stage or as writers or in technical theatre. Assessment will be through a combination of practical assessment and grade predictions.

QEH music department is extremely strong with choirs, orchestra and ensembles preparing for over 30 concerts a year. Candidates for music scholarships are likely to be at or working towards grade 8 standard on their main instrument. Assessment will be by audition.

Arts and Social Sciences
Students wishing to study at least three arts or social science subjects may apply for this general scholarship. Assessment will be via interview and grade predictions.


To be awarded an academic  scholarship candidates must be predicted to achieve a majority of grade 7/8s in all their GCSE subjects as well as high grades in their specialist area.

Interviews for places and scholarships will be held between November and January

Practical assessments will be arranged on an individual basis.


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