USA/Canada Reunions

Stephen Holliday and Andrew Lewis-Barned were made very welcome during their visit to the States and Canada between 4th and 9th June 2016 for Reunions as follows:

Thank you to both those who joined us and to the several QEH representatives who made this possible at the 3 locations:

Ottawa Event - Saturday 4 June 2016 at The Lord Elgin Hotel

Our thanks to Mike Ward (1950-1957) and his wife Jenny for organising an excellent buffet dinner at The Lord Elgin Hotel in Central Ottawa. We welcomed one of our older OEs John Jenkins (1936 starter), aged 91, who had flown in especially from Seattle to join us. In addition to him and our hosts, other attendees were: Stacey Jenkins; Mike (1953-1956) and Liz Evans; Tony (1955-1962) and Rita Myres; Dave (1972-1979) and Dielle Newby; Nick (1983-1990) and Anne Reilly. Apologies on the night were received from Julian Rex (1983-1990).

Washington DC Event – Tuesday 7 June 2016 at The University Club

Mike (1947-1954) and Nancy Bale were instrumental in organising our Washington DC reunion. We arrived at The University Club amidst election fever, just as Vice-President Joe Biden was leaving the building. Along with our hosts we welcomed: Betsy King (friend of the Bales); Anthony Davidowitz (1993-1998); Robin Dodge and Therese Saint-Andre (parents of Cameron Dodge, 2003-2005); Philip (1987-1994) and Kathy Pennock; Simon Phillips-Hughes (1990-1992) and John Stiller (BSUF Vice-President). Apologies were received from Nick Jelf (1973-1981) and Rob Waterhouse (1987-1992).

San Francisco Barbeque - Thursday 9 June 2016 in Los Altos, California

The Bay Area reunion was a bit different because Gary (1975-1982) and Catherine Miller offered us the opportunity of enjoying a barbeque at their lovely home in Los Altos. Here we were welcomed by them and their children, Chloe and Alex. Attending were Bob Cranmer-Brown (1960-1967); Benjamin Grout (1989-1996); Paul (1985-1990), Wilma and Henrietta Makepeace; Dominic Robilliard (1989-1996); Richard (1986-1993) and Erica and Imogen Warp. Apologies were received by Roy Hayter (1943-1949) and Jim Heming (1982-1989).

Many contacts were made and subsequently the school has been most appreciative of the gifts and legacies received.

This is the second occasion we have visited a North America. In 2013 we hugely enjoyed visiting OEs in Toronto, San Francisco and New York  where we also extended a warm invitation to spouses and other family, partners and friends. We were  again grateful for the generosity of our OEs living there, both in hosting our events and giving so generously to our funds back home.

To our knowledge at least 80 OEs are living in the States and Canada, ranging from leavers as early as 1941 and as late as 2015.

If you have any further OE contacts to add to our list please let us know soon so that we can also keep them posted. Please also feel free to connect with each other directly or via our QEH Bristol Alums Linked in group.

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