Boys love to learn. They enjoy challenges and thrive on encouragement.

QEH Junior School provides the opportunity for boys to be educated in a single-sex setting allowing them to find appropriate ways to develop their academic, sporting, dramatic and musical talents.

We strive to:
  • Provide a friendly stimulating, enriched and enjoyable learning environment for boys
  • Build a family atmosphere and close, trusting community
  • Nurture the potential in every child and challenge his ability
  • Have high expectations of all pupils
  • Promote positive attitudes to learning, expecting all pupils to become increasingly independent and confident
  • Ensure that all pupils feel happy, safe and secure, have a positive self image, and respect for others
  • Understand and respond to the concerns and needs of busy parents.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum.  Some units of work are taught discreetly with more specialist teaching in Years 5 and 6. Others are taught through a topic-based approach, especially in Years 3 and 4.

Learning centres on first hand experience incorporating visitors, artefacts and lively, imaginative teaching methods.  Our lessons are fun with lots of pupil involvement to build confidence and self esteem. 

The aim is to prepare boys for entry to the QEH Senior School.

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