Geography and History are taught as part of termly topics in Years 3 and 4 and as discrete subjects in Years 5 and 6.

Year 3

In the first two terms, Year 3 boys learn about Invaders when they study the Romans in Britain, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  In the Summer term, Rainforests of the World is their topic and this includes a charity week, when the boys lead fundraising activities on behalf the Children's Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica.  The school has supported this charity for a number of years and raised several thousand pounds.

Year 4

The Tudors are the focus for Year 4 in the early part of the year, followed by The Egyptians. The boys' topic work also informs their Art and DT lessons, when they work in small groups and create, for example, detailed models of Tudor houses.

Year 5

In the autumn term, the boys learn about The Victorians and begin to find out about physical geography as they study The British Isles.  They follow this with an in depth look at China and its growth into a world super power, in both History and Geography.

Year 6

The boys study World War II and European Countries at the beginning of the year, followed by Bristol's Floating Harbour and Rivers. There are many opportunities for cross curricular activities with these subjects, and this allows the boys to develop a broader view in their learning.
The programmes of study are enriched with frequent visits and field trips to places of interest in Bristol and beyond.

RE and PSHE are taught as discrete subjects and each class alternates between RE and PSHE lessons each half term.

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