Mental Wellbeing


Children and teenagers are under increasing pressure from their peers, their idols, and the world of social media. At the same time, mental health problems are a growing public concern, in the UK and globally.

Caring for the mental wellbeing of our students is therefore of fundamental importance at QEH, and the School prides itself on the support it gives to boys to help them to become resilient, self-confident and self-aware. This module develops the key skills of mindfulness and mental resilience, through a collection of sessions aimed at improving the mental health of our students.

These sessions will include lessons in Mindfulness, which will follow the .b course created by the Mindfulness in Schools Project. As well as Mindfulness sessions, boys will be introduced to the world of Yoga, to enable them to control their bodies, and relax their minds from the pressures of modern life. Volunteering will also be included, to encourage pupils to seek to serve the community locally and beyond, and to help them to appreciate that life is not just about themselves.

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