At QEH, Careers education is covered in all Years, beginning with general discussions about the nature and purpose of work in Year 7, going through to applications for UCAS, and in some cases jobs, in the Sixth Form.

In Year 8 boys are encouraged to invite speakers into school to talk about their work and we have recently had some excellent contributions from parents and grandparents. During Year 9 and Year 11 boys complete projects on careers of their own choosing and, at appropriate stages, all boys will be given preparation for the subject choices they need to make as they move into higher Year groups.

Work Experience placements are arranged with Lower Sixth students at the end of the Summer term when they receive advice on how to select and benefit from University Open Days.

Preparation for UCAS applications begins in the Autumn term of the Lower Sixth and is augmented with a Higher Education Parents' Evening and with a Careers Fair. Specialist guidance for Oxbridge applicants is also provided.

All boys are encouraged to make use of the Careers Library and computers, and are expected to take advantage of a variety of recently purchased software as well as from selected careers information on the internet.

Many boys in Year 11 and the Sixth Form complete psychometric and occupational analysis to help them begin their career search - parents are advised of these opportunities at the relevant times.

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