In Sixth Form, there are many opportunities to be involved in Music.  As well as offering A-levels in Music and Music Tech, we have twenty one regularly rehearsed choirs and ensembles available.

Among these, are the School Choir consisting of over 100 students, rehearsing each week and performing annually in Bristol Cathedral; the Chapel Choir, a small auditioned choir, performing regularly throughout the year at Council Prayers and Mayor Making Services in the Lord Mayor's Chapel; House Choirs which are led by Sixth Form students and perform in the House Music Finals Evening; and the Tour Choir which is formed every two years for a Choir Tour, recently travelling to Amsterdam in 2018, Rome in 2016, Prague in 2014 and China in 2012.

Chamber Choirs of varying sizes and styles are formed on occasion. These include Barbershop Quartets and Acapella Choirs that perform at various concerts including ‘Unplugged’ concerts and the Jazz Evening.

The ensembles include the Orchestra which performs an exciting and varied repertoire at various concerts throughout the year, the highlight of which is our annual Spring Concert at St George's Concert Hall; and there are ensembles for Strings, Wind, Brass, Saxophone, Guitar, Ukulele and Samba too.

The Jazz Band performs a variety of music ranging from the swing era through to more contemporary pieces and is made up of our top instrumentalists. It is in high demand at both school and local events.

We run a weekly ‘QEH Rock Project’ which is open to all band instrumentalists and vocalists. It is run by Mr Whitfield (drum teacher) and tutors bands through their practice, preparing them for our termly Unplugged and Open Mic concerts as well as out bi-annual Battle of the Bands competition.

Finally there are Music colours to earn for contribution to extra curricular music.

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