Our Students

It is hoped that the skills and academic qualifications acquired at QEH will provide you with a springboard to the wider world.

Here is what some current and former pupils have to say about their experience:

"The Sixth Form gives me a great sense of independence whilst being such a caring place with teachers and boys always ready to support."

Seb Cheetham (Year 12)

"Ideal preparation for university. The encouragement I've had from teachers has been brilliant all along the way."

Yusouf Cheema (Year 13)

"Pupils in the Sixth Form are treated as mature and independent individuals. You are given the opportunity to establish great friendships and develop as a person.”

Callum Payne (Captain of School 2015)

"The speed at which the two years of Sixth Form fly past is testament to how busy and genuinely enjoyable those years are."

"Choosing to stay is not a decision that I’ll ever regret.”

Ed Blancke (2011 Leaver, Undergraduate at Durham)

"Grateful for so many things: friendship; encouraging me to dream of being a writer; laughter; a sense of the school’s history and buildings stretching back over the centuries. For helping me get to study English at University.”

Ashley Pharoah (Former student, Creator of Life on Mars)

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