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Formal work might not always be set during lessons and it could be up to you to take notes from discussions or the teacher.

These will not be marked but should then form the basis of further reading and study. As you will have made a positive choice to study your subjects, you will be encouraged and given advice to supplement work done in lessons and to consolidate your understanding. Being well organised is especially important at these times.

The approach to work at A-level is often less structured and you will be helped to adopt a more mature way of organising your time which is an important life-skill in itself. There are periods when you are not being taught and so in these you have a chance to use the other facilities available in order to extend your understanding of your subjects and expand your experience. These are for Private Study and you will be encouraged to develop a self-disciplined approach to work. You may choose to spend this time in: the Sixth Form Centre where there is good ICT provision; the Library; the Careers Room; or, with permission, in the Art or Music School.