Our contract caterer, Holroyd Howe, provides first-class lunches for our pupils. They provide a healthy, balanced diet each day for all of our pupils, as well as excellent breakfasts and catering for special functions.

To ensure that all pupils are catered for, there are times that you may need to discuss individual needs with us. We request you contact either the School Nurse or the Catering Department

Frequently asked questions:

What sort of meals can I expect my son to have at school?

We understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for our growing pupils. View typical menus here
Can my child bring in a packed lunch?

It is important that pupils have a nutritious meal in the middle of the day and eating together helps to build friendships and strengthen the QEH community.

Lunches represent excellent value for money.  From September 2020, the  school lunch charge is £230 per term and will be added to the termly fee account, The lunch charge is compulsory for pupils in the Junior School and in Years 7-11.  Sixth form students can opt out of school lunches if they wish
My child is a vegetarian. Do you cater for this?

Each day we provide a delicious hot and cold vegetarian option.
Is your meat Halal?

All our meat is Halal approved. On rare occasions when unable to source Halal meat, we ensure that the menu highlights this.
My child has a severe allergy (to nuts/eggs/shellfish/etc.). What is your policy?

At QEH we are aware of the risks associated with increasingly common allergies and the potential for anaphylaxis.

We try to avoid common allergens and clearly label them when we can't. The catering team does not use nuts in any meals. We cannot guarantee that ingredients purchased have not been in contact with nuts during manufacture. We also cannot monitor what snacks other pupils bring in to school. We ask that to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis parents do not use nuts in any form if they provide cakes during cake sales. Egg is very difficult to omit from school dinners so, if your son is allergic to egg or anything else, we ask that you contact the School Nurse. View the QEH Anaphylaxis Policy.

My child has been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. How will this affect them?

Please contact the School Nurse who will arrange for the catering team to supply a Coeliac-appropriate diet.