Aims and Values

QEH aims to provide a first-class education. We seek to help all pupils develop their academic potential to the full and to provide opportunities for them to explore and extend their other abilities across a range of activities.

QEH aims to:

  • nurture and develop each pupil’s intellectual and spiritual independence, their creativity and ability to appreciate beauty and excellence through activities in and out of class.
  • support each pupil’s personal development within a caring community, helping them to become resilient, self-confident and self-aware.
  • help pupils to appreciate the importance of working with others and forming and maintaining good friendships, of respecting different views, having a global perspective and of understanding that life is not just about themselves.
  • help pupils to develop a strong character and a clear sense of right and wrong based on Christian principles whilst welcoming pupils of all faiths and none.
  • prepare pupils to enter the next phase of their lives as leaders with appropriate confidence, aspiration and skills.
  • enable pupils from a wide variety of social, ethnic and financial backgrounds to attend the school, support the work of local maintained schools and encourage pupils to seek to serve the community locally and beyond.