QEH is located in Berkeley Place, Clifton.  The Junior School can be found at 9 Upper Berkeley Place, in the terrace of Georgian houses behind the QEH Senior School building.

Parking is available in the NCP West End car park across the road.  Public bus services stop regularly at the nearby Triangle, particularly bus numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8, among others.

Private bus companies offer services to all independent schools from surrounding areas. Parents should contact these companies to make their own arrangements for their children to travel.

Bakers Dolphin (01934 415000)

Bus 1: via Star Inn, Churchill, Yatton, Backwell, Nailsea, Wraxall, Cambridge Batch, Long Ashton

Bus 2: Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon, Weston-in-Gordano, Gordano School, Portishead

Eurotaxis (0117 405 5243)

School Hopper 1: via Yate, Iron Acton, Rangeworthy, Tytherington, Thornbury, Alveston, Tockington, Almondsbury, Over Lane, Easter Compton, Bristol Golf Club, Redmaids' High, St Ursula's, Badminton, White Tree roundabout, RHS, Montpellier High, Forbidden Planet( for BGS and QEH), CHS

School Hopper 2: via Iron Acton, Frampton Cottrell, Winterbourne, Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Filton, Stoke Park, Frenchay, Stapleton, Colston's, Montpellier High, Forbidden Planet (for BGS and QEH), Badminton, Redmaids' High