Junior Scholarships

Scholarships may be available to entrants at Year 3 to QEH Junior School.  The expectation is that a Year 3 scholarship stays with the pupil for the duration of his four years in the Junior School.

We award up to two Scholarships (worth up to 10% of the fees) for Year 3 entry to boys who display an exceptional level of academic ability and potential.

The Scholarships are awarded to the most academically able Year 3 entrants determined by QEH entrance assessment. They are not means-tested and are reviewed annually, though it is our expectation that they will continue throughout a boy's time in the Junior School, ending after Year 6.

The Senior School has a competitive entry into Year 7 and at that stage academic, music and sports scholarships are available for all those taking the entrance examination including boys from QEH Junior School.

Expectations of Academic Scholarship

An Award is granted at the sole discretion of the School and the pupil who is the subject of an Award is required to work hard, to contribute positively to the life of the School, to be a credit to the School and to set a good example to other pupils.  The pupil must adhere to the School's required standards of conduct and progress. The full terms and conditions of the award will be set out the School’s terms and conditions at the time that the award is granted.