Senior Scholarships and Bursaries

QEH has given substantial financial help towards the education of its pupils in Bristol since its foundation in 1590.  The school is committed to broadening access by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with school fees.  It continues to provide a first class education to its pupils, including children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford the fees. 


The school provides bursaries at 11+ onwards.  In addition to its own resources, support comes from a number of other sources, including the John James Foundation (a Bristol-based charity), the QEH Elizabethan Society and friends of the school.  Bursaries are means-tested and up to 100% assistance towards fees may be available.

Applications for assistance must be submitted in advance of the January entrance exams.  If you would like your son to be considered for a bursary you should complete the Application for Financial Assistance Form which is available from the Admissions Office.  Every year, there are more applications than there are funds available, and performance in the entrance exams is part of the assessment process.


An Award is granted at the sole discretion of the School and the pupil who is the subject of this Award is required to work hard, to contribute positively to the life of the School, to be a credit to the School and to set a good example to other pupils.  Music Scholars are expected to participate willingly and regularly in the musical life of the school, participate in school ensembles and concerts and, if possible, be a member of the choir. They are also expected to study GCSE music. Sports Scholars should lead by example in every aspect of school sport and should be fully involved in practices and coaching, where appropriate, and should represent the school in teams whenever selected and maintain a high level of participation (unless injured) in all sports selected.  The full terms and conditions of the award will be set out the School’s terms and conditions at the time that the award is granted.

John Carr Academic Scholarships (up to 25% of fees) - awarded based on a boy’s performance in the 11+ entrance exam. They are not means-tested and eligibility is based on performance in the entrance exam. Scholarships are available in a similar way at 13+.

Every candidate who sits the entrance exam is automatically entered for an academic scholarship.

Music Scholarships - Scholarships are available for able musicians at  both 11+ and 13+.  We look for all-round musical talent and potential (not just grades achieved). A Music Scholar is typically at least Grade 3 on at least one of their instruments, in addition to demonstrating sound academic performance in the entrance exams.

Sports Scholarships - Scholarships are available for boys at both 11+ and 13+.  We are looking for boys with all round sporting ability and potential, and it is likely that they will play sport for a local club and may play at County or Avon Schools level. A Sports Scholar will be able to contribute to the main team sports of the school, rugby, football and cricket, in addition to demonstrating sound academic performance in the entrance exams.

How to apply

If you would like your son to be considered for one of these awards for entry, you should complete the relevant Scholarship Application Form which will be sent out on request when you return the exam application form and registration fee, currently £40.

The Scholarship Form is to be returned to the Admissions Office by the closing date, details of which are available from the Admissions Office. Shortlisting takes place and if successful, your son will be invited for an audition/assessment and interview.

Further Questions?

Please contact our Admissions Registrar, Carolyn Matthews, who will be happy to answer any questions. Her telephone number is 0117 930 3068 and her email address is [email protected].