Sixth Form Scholarships

Sixth Form scholarships are available for boys and girls of exceptional talent in the Sixth Form at QEH.

Scholarships may be awarded on an honorary basis or may carry a fee reduction, normally of up to 10% of the fees.  

All candidates for scholarships will be tested by an interview and, in some cases, a practical assessment. Interviews will be conducted by the relevant Head of Department and Senior Staff. Awards will be made on the basis of these assessments and are also likely to be conditional on the candidate achieving specified grades at GCSE level.

Existing QEH pupils will be eligible to apply as long as they are not already in receipt of a scholarship.  Pupils currently in receipt of a bursary may apply for a scholarship but the total level of assistance offered (bursary plus scholarship) will be assessed on a means-tested basis and is unlikely to exceed the value of the existing bursary.

Internal candidates will be subject to the same assessment procedure as external candidates.

Scholarships may be offered in the following areas:

  • Maths
  • Science (including Computer Science)
  • Languages (Ancient and Modern)
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Arts and Social Sciences 
  • Sport - we are looking for students with all round sporting ability and potential, and it is likely that they will play sport for a local club and may play at County or Avon Schools level. They will be able to contribute to the main team sports of the school, rugby, football, cricket, hockey or netball.

For more details on application criteria please see our Sixth Form prospectus.


In exceptional circumstances, the school may be able to provide means-tested bursaries to enable pupils to enter the Sixth Form where the fees would otherwise be unaffordable.  Bursaries are means-tested and up to 100% assistance towards fees may be available.

If you would like your son or daughter to be considered for a bursary when applying for a Sixth Form place you should complete the Application for Financial Assistance Form which is available from the Admissions Office. 


To be considered for the award of an academic scholarship, candidates must be predicted to achieve a majority of grade 7/8s in all their GCSE subjects as well as high grades in their specialist area.

The deadline for applications for places and scholarships for entry in September 2022 is available from the Admissions Office.  Interviews for scholarships will be on held in December 2021, and interviews for places will be held in early 2022.

Practical assessments will be arranged on an individual basis.