Adventure awaits . . .

Intrepid Year 5 boys headed back to Belmont Wood last Friday for the 'Camouflage and Concealment' part of their QE Award.

After their briefing, the boys' first task was to try and find Mr Leighton, who was well camouflaged in nearby undergrowth.  This task helped them to see some of the techniques that they would be able to put into practise!

Faces were painted and suitable lairs discovered as the teams set to work.  The boys' ingenuity was outstanding as they used all the available vegetation to camouflage their teammate, breaking up and disguising his outline.  Having successfully hidden their man, every team set off to find the others'.

Once all the hiders were found, the boys gathered around the campfire for hot chocolate and to compare notes.  As always, the boys entered into the spirit of the activity with gusto and it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with them.

Please take a look at the short 'trailer' video of their adventure!

The Queen Elizabeth (QE) Award is exclusive to QEH Juniors and is based on the principles of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Boys take part in a variety of outdoor pursuits and voluntary activities throughout Years 5 and 6, culminating in an overnight camp on Exmoor at the end of Year 6.