Debating final a close run thing

Debating forms a key part of our Sixth Form General Studies programme, as it encourages the students to discuss contemporary issues, to work collectively in organising debates, and of course to practice their public speaking skills.

Thursday saw the final of this year’s competition in the school’s Theatre. Having successfully dealt with previous rounds concerning of the merits of airport expansion, the practicalities of a four-day working week, and whether social media can be a force for good, the final round was held between the two leading tutor groups led by Mrs Hockenhull and Mr Swithinbank.

It was a tightly fought debate with both teams making strong arguments to support their position.  The three adjudicators carefully considered their decision and, on reflection, felt that one team had been more nimble on their feet in responding to their opposition's points.

Team Swithinbank duly prevailed, successfully opposing the motion This House believes that, whilst there are problems on earth, we should not be spending public money on space exploration. Congratulations to all who took part in this year’s competition, and especially to winning finalists Ben Goree, Marcus Laver and David Baker.


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IMG 5677
The winning team!