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This term’s play is a great success!

It is set in a school in 1997, the morning after the general election. Audiences enjoyed the sense of nostalgia for the 1990s with some great music and references to Tamagotchis, The Big Breakfast, Acorn computers and so on. Whilst the play is very funny, it also has some poignant moments and asks some important questions about education.

The cast were incredibly strong and captured the mixture of optimism and frustration that teachers faced at that time.

We were delighted to welcome Jesse Meadows who came to see it on the first night. She is a member of the Wardrobe Ensemble who devised and wrote the play. She also played the role of Sue. She met the cast afterwards and was full of praise for their characterisations, commitment, energy and ensemble work. The Wardrobe Ensemble are an exciting company who are based in Bristol and we will be taking out students to see more of their work in the coming months. 

Drama and the QEH Theatre are vibrant and busy members of the QEH community and QEH pupils can take part in three productions a year.  To find out more, please click here.