Emmy winner visits QEH

Our first visiting speakers for the Sixth Form General Studies series gave us a fascinating insight into the magic of TV and cinema. Mary Heskel and Michelle Blok from The Third Floor Inc gave a talk on how the latest technology is being used to create some of the most iconic sequences in recent blockbusters. 

Michelle, fresh from winning her second Emmy award for Game of Thrones, explained the crucial role that visualisation plays in the creative process.  For example, directors can see dragons attack in real time as they cue their actors for a scene; complex action sequences can be previsualised to the last detail to ensure that every shot in the finished film packs a visceral punch.  The technology is also being used in the gaming industry and for virtual reality.

Mary, Head of Talent, talked about career opportunities within the industry, which is growing at a phenomenal rate.  A-level computer scientists were particularly encouraged, although Mary was keen to emphasise that creativity and love of film were as important as a degree.  She recommended training courses and internship opportunities too.

Mary and Michelle gave us an inspirational start to our Visiting Speaker series and we are very grateful.


IMG 5499
Mary and Michelle at QEH, with Sixth Form students