Engineering Club learn new skills

Over the last few months, as part of the Engineering Club, a few Year 13 physicists have been getting to grips with an engineering software package called Matlab. It is widely used in industry to model complex systems and being able to use it is a very useful skill.

We started off by modelling simple systems (such as an accelerating vehicle) and then progressed to modelling aerodynamic drag on it. We then looked at mass-spring systems (as taught in A-level physics) and modelled the resultant simple harmonic motion. Once we were able to replicate this motion as predicted by the equations we had learnt in class, we developed the ideas further by adding damping and resonance. We modelled the behaviour by writing code in Matlab (a sometimes fiddly process!) and then replicated this using an associated graphical package called Simulink.

Many thanks to Ryan C, Jake F, Tom G, Noah R and Will S, who willingly gave up their Friday lunchtimes and were such good fun to teach. Hopefully, you’ll be one step ahead when you are on your university courses!


Engineering Club
Engineering Club

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