Introducing our Future Year 7

Rhys W 7W Portrait2
A portrait of one of our future Year 7 students, created with lego

Lockdown has encouraged creative thinking in all aspects of our lives and our Year 7 induction is no different.

Usually we look forward to welcoming our future Year 7 pupils in to QEH during the Summer Term for an Induction Day, prior to them joining us the following September.  This is a great opportunity for pupils to meet their future classmates, begin to form friendships and get to know some of the teachers that will be looking after them in their first year at the school. Unfortunately this has been unable to happen in the traditional way this year.  

So, following a successful Parents' Information Evening via Zoom, we were delighted to launch our first ever Year 7 Challenge!  We have asked the boys to send us photos or short videos of themselves, taking part in a selection of different challenges, which we will be sharing on the grid below and on social media. The boys will then be able to see their new classmates and will find out a bit more about them. 

We have been so pleased with the response from our future Year 7 pupils, which you can see using the link below, and look seeing you all in person again soon.

Year 7 Challenge