Please, can I have some more?

The summer production this year was open to Year 7 and 8. Initially we were concerned that such young performers would struggle with the mains roles of Oliver, Fagin, Bill Sykes and others. As rehearsals got under way it became clear that we were dealing with an extremely talented cast and there was no need to worry!

We updated the play to contemporary London, so cobbled street were replaced with graffiti on the walls and hoodies for the den members replaced fingerless gloves. Grime music also provided a sense of an urban environment. The large ensembles of orphans, citizens and den members worked really hard and created some wonderful moments. Audiences loved Mr Bumble and Mrs Corney who provided much of the humour, and having four Sixth Form girls made rehearsals such fun, with new friendships being forged and younger actors learning much from the more experienced ones. What happens back stage is all part of the experience and seeing them all work together and learning how a production works is a wonderful thing to watch. Nat Tomkins not only assisted with the direction of the play but he also stage managed it. It is no easy task cueing in actors, checking each prop and keeping things calm backstage! He did an amazing job.

The cast and crew did four performances in three days, which included a matinee performance for Barton Hill Academy Primary School. They really enjoyed it and were very excited by the music and sound effects!

We look forward to seeing what these young actors will do next year!


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Members of Fagin's gang