Surf's Up

On Wednesday, Year 6 boys were lucky enough to spend the day at The Wave, the inland surfing lake in North Bristol.

Whilst some pupils had visited this amazing facility before, to many this was their first experience of not only surfing but putting on a wet-suit!  They all managed to catch loads of waves and came off the water exhausted but with huge smiles. When they weren’t surfing, the boys got involved with some less adrenaline-fuelled activities, linked to the Year 6 theme of ‘Dream Big’.  

We were very fortunate to be given a talk and a tour by the person behind The Wave, Nick Hounsfield, father of Dylan in Year 6. Nick told us that the lake holds 25million litres of water and that the waves are created by giant paddles under the water moving side to side. However, the technology behind the shape of the floor of the lake is top secret! Nick confirmed that it has taken him 10 years to bring his dream of an inland surfing lake to reality and it proves that if you put your mind to it and follow your dreams they can come true!  

Unsurprisingly, boys had a wonderful day.


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Learning the ropes at The Wave