Year 6 podcast goes viral!

This week, Mr Hall shared a brilliant piece of dual narrative writing on the Junior School Facebook page.

The ‘mini-podcast’ was written by Ben Young and included his own suspense filled music composed on GarageBand! The podcast was the culmination of a writing unit called ‘The Hunter and the Hunted’ from a series of published teaching resources called Read, Write, Perform.  Mr Hall shared the podcast to Lee Parkinson’s Facebook page (aka Mr P), who is one of the authors of the Read, Write, Perform resources and, as a result, Ben’s podcast has been listened to over 10,600 times!

At QEH Juniors, we use technology to engage and inspire the boys' learning and there are many examples of this philosophy in action on the QEH Juniors' Facebook page.

Listen to Ben perform his terrific piece of writing!