Year 9 rise to the Challenge

Year 9's annual Charity Challenge has taken a different turn this year, as the boys rise to the Challenge at home.

Every year, the boys in Year 9 choose a charity to support. Various charities are championed by pupils who often have a personal connection to their chosen cause and this year, the year group voted for Finley Martin's cause, PROPS, a local charity which supports adults with learning difficulties.

In normal circumstances, the boys would be sponsored to take part in a round robin of events in school: climbing the steps in front of school to the height of Everest; running the equivalent of a marathon; rowing across the Channel and back on the rowing machines in the Gym; and completing a mental maze puzzle on the Upper in minimal time.  

As none of this is possible at the moment, the boys were asked to rise to an individual Challenge at home instead.  And they have responded magnificently - as you can see from the selection of photos displayed in the grid.  Their Challenge target was £750 and they have exceeded this with room to spare, with the current total standing at over £1,800. The school motto, While we have time, let us do good, is in safe hands with these generous and determined young men!


Ben B
Ben B with some of the sporting gear he needed to play 7 different sports in 7 days!