Year 7, September 2020

We're looking forward to welcoming our Year 7 families to the QEH community.  Because of the current lockdown rules, we are unable to invite everyone to events in school this term as we would usually do, so we are holding virtual events instead.

There's a virtual New Parents' Information Evening on Wednesday 20 May and the boys are invited to a virtual Induction Session on Friday 5 June.

On a typical induction session, we would involve the boys in activities to help them get to know the other pupils in their form class and year.  As it is not possible to do that this year, we have set up some online challenges for them to have a go at instead. We are asking the boys to send us photos or short videos of themselves which we will share on the grid below and on social media.  The boys will then be able to see their new classmates and will find out a bit more about them! 

Miss Mantle, Head of Year 7, and the form tutor team are looking forward to seeing all the images the boys send in.  As Miss Mantle teaches Modern Foreign Languages, it's not surprising that one of the challenges is to learn to count to 20 in a foreign language (a language they don't already know!).  

We'll be adding challenges to the grid so please take a look on a regular basis and email your images to

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