Year 12, September 2020

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Year 12 at QEH. Because of the current lockdown rules, we are unable to invite you all to an event in school as we would usually do, so we are holding a virtual presentation instead.

At a typical induction session, we would introduce key Sixth Form staff, talk about Sixth Form life at QEH and our expectations, and then you would have an introductory lesson in each of your chosen subjects.  This year, we have asked your teachers to prepare a brief video message instead, to give you a taste of the A-level courses you will be taking.  They may also set you a task to complete before you join us in Year 12 in September.

We have already sent you the Sixth Form Handbook which answers most FAQs, but please email any questions to [email protected] and we will do our best to answer them during our live YouTube presentation at 12.00noon on Thursday 25 June. If we don’t have time to get to your question ‘live’ then, we will respond by email.

Please start by watching the introductory videos from Mr Porter and Dr Jönsson and then scroll down and/or across the red grid below to view the introductory messages and summer projects from your teachers.  The subjects are arranged in alphabetical order.

Click the button below to join us live on YouTube at 12.00noon.

Welcome to Sixth Form Virtual Induction 2020

Please watch the videos from Mr Porter, Head of Sixth Form and Dr Jönnson, Head of Year 12, then scroll down to find more information about your subjects for Year 12.

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