From September 2021, until further notice, the fees will be as follows:

Junior - £10,260 per annum (chargeable in termly instalments of £3,420) including pre- and after- school supervision from 7.45am until 5.00pm (between 5.00pm and 6.00pm there is a fixed charge of £6.80 which includes light refreshments).

Tuition fees include text and exercise books, a residential camp in the summer term and essential educational day trips but do not include lunches. Fees also include a pass for week-day, term-time parking in the nearby multi-storey car park for a short period both morning and afternoon for the convenience of drop off and collection.  

Senior and Sixth Form£15,300 per annum (chargeable in termly instalments of £5,100). 

Fees include text and exercise books, and essential educational trips but do not include public examination fees or lunches. 

Lunches are charged at £236 per term (chargeable in termly instalments).  The lunch charge is compulsory for pupils in Years 3-11.  Sixth Form students can opt out of school lunches if they wish, but we require their parents to give a term's notice in writing to the Bursar.

Parents can also pay by monthly direct debit through School Fee Plan.  Further information is available from the School Fee Plan website. Please click on the banner below to find out more.

Personal Accident Insurance

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