Middle School (Years 10 and 11)

The transition through the Middle School is a pivotal period between the early years of secondary school and university preparation in the Sixth Form. 

We are aware of the dramatic series of physical and emotional changes that occur between the ages of 14 and 16 as boys cope with the challenges of adolescence. They are encouraged to develop positively their new found opinions and independence, whilst realising the aims of the Middle School:

  • To promote and monitor a positive work ethic in preparation for GCSE and A-level
  • To promote a high standard of behaviour, appearance and self-respect
  • To provide pastoral support and encouragement for both pupils and parents
  • To encourage a full and active involvement in the co-curricular activities in and out of school.

Pastoral care fundamentally underpins what we hope to achieve, with a strict intolerance of anti-social behaviour, such as bullying, but individually supportive and understanding, together with an awareness of fairness and compromise. A mix of formal meetings and casual discussion in corridors and out of the classroom, between subject teachers, tutor and the Head of Year, give pupils a sense of individual importance and self worth. The School Counsellor also plays a crucial role in supporting the emotional needs of our boys and is helped by Upper Sixth mentors who play a part in supporting younger boys both academically and socially.

The emphasis on building friendships and working as part of a successful team is enhanced by the Duke of Edinburgh's scheme, with the vast majority of Middle School boys taking part at Bronze and Silver level.

Personal, social and ethical issues are approached in timetabled Enrichment and PSHE lessons in addition to Middle School assemblies which visit issues relevant to teenagers, including topical presentations from the media and talks on personal opinions and experiences by members of staff.

Boys are encouraged to take part in a number of events run together with Badminton School and Redmaids' High School.

The academic focus is on first public examinations. GCSE preparation is extensive with revision presentations and individual performance monitoring on-going throughout the two years of GCSE courses. Underachievers are encouraged to look at their own performance and to take individual responsibility for the improvements required and how they are to be realised. Self-motivation is the key to success and a great deal of emphasis is put on target setting through the homework diary. This also involves looking to the future and planning individual goals for university study and possible career pathways. The majority of our pupils participate in the Oasis programme, run by an external organisation specialising in career planning. For most this is a daunting prospect but it is essential to begin the process prior to 'A' level choices.

The partnership between home and school plays a critical role in the success of our pupils. We actively encourage feedback from parents if there are any concerns regarding their sons. This is often a difficult time for parents as the boys' new-found independence can create conflict at home and reduce constructive communication to a minimum. Close contact between school and home helps to maintain the balance between a harmonious home life and the high level of expectations expected by QEH.

Dr Hilton Kyle (Head of Year 10)
Mr Sam Munnion (Head of Year 11)