Busy parents can have the peace of mind that their son is well cared for before, during and after the school day.

We promote a spirit of curiosity and a love of learning.  Each boy's needs are catered for in an individual way so that he can achieve his utmost potential.  Important skills, such as decision-making, are taught from an early age.  We generate the development of personal qualities such as good manners, reliability, punctuality, caring for others and a sense of humour!

Robert Leighton is our Head of Pastoral Care and oversees the delivery and implementation of pastoral care in the school.  This comes in many forms, ranging from whole school assemblies, Form Time at the start and end of the day, dedicated PSHE lessons, along with visits and talks from outside providers. 
At QEH, the staff know what make a boy 'tick' and we endeavour to support pupils and parents as they progress through the school.  All pupils have a Form Teacher in Years 3 and 4 with whom they spend most of their lessons, allowing for almost constant supervision.   In Years 5 and 6, responsibility rests with the  Form Tutors, with whom some lessons are taught, but who takes the pastoral lead in looking after their pupils.  Our Teaching Assistants also play a key lead here in supporting the pupils and spending quiet time with them at break or lunch times.   Being a small school, all staff know the pupils well and tracks are kept on their well-being and mental welfare throughout the day.  Parents are advised if there are issues and support is tailored through the school counsellor or through services provided by outside providers.
QEH Juniors aims to take a proactive approach to pastoral care and to help us with this we use AS tracking.  AS (Affective Social) Tracking is an online pastoral assessment, action planning and tracking tool used by more than 60 leading UK independent schools. It supports our pastoral team, helping us to give each pupil the right pastoral support at the right time. It is currently being used to support nearly 20,000 children in the UK.

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