We'll give you lots of freedom and independence but we also recognise there may be times when you need support. If you do, we'll be there to help.

You'll be assigned to a tutor and will meet with your tutor group every morning. Typically, these groups consist of about 13 or 14 students from your year group. Your tutor will help you adapt to the challenge of A-levels, monitor your progress and work with you to resolve any issues. They will also write a reference for university or job applications.

All Sixth Formers take part in General Studies which provide both key skills and enrichment in weekly timetabled sessions and optional lunchtime lectures. The range of topics is broad, from wider issues such as the law, current ethical debates, and the environment to practical skills such as basic cookery and car maintenance. The aim is to equip you with invaluable life skills whilst challenging you beyond the bounds of the A-level syllabus.

We also have a designated Head of Year 12 and Head of Year 13. They're experts in the particular needs of these years and can offer you plenty of advice and guidance.

Sometimes you may want to sit down and talk in confidence about issues that aren't related to your life at QEH – for example, problems with a relationship. If so, our school counsellor is at hand to listen.

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