Boys Only

We believe that, in the earlier years of school, boys learn best this way.

At QEH, we understand boys and teach in ways that suit them.  We know their foibles, their tendency to leave things until the last moment and their need to be active in their learning.  And we understand how to coax them out of the teenage blues.

Without girls in the class in their early teens, boys are freer to acknowledge their feelings and develop self-confidence without the complication of trying to impress the opposite sex. This means they're just as happy to read a poem in assembly or sing in the choir as they are to play in the rugby team.

By the time they reach our co-ed Sixth Form, they've grown and matured and are ready for combined teaching with their new female classmates.

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My boys have loved QEH! The teachers really 'got' them and although they're very different characters, QEH brought out the best in both of them.
Katie, parent