Creative Arts

In Sixth Form, there are many opportunities to be involved in Music and Drama. 

As well as offering A-levels in Music and Music Tech, we have twenty one regularly rehearsed choirs and ensembles available.  Among these are the Chapel Choir, performing regularly throughout the year at Council Prayers and Mayor Making Services in the Lord Mayor's Chapel; House Choirs which are led by Sixth Form students; the Tour Choir which is formed every two years; Barbershop Quartets and Acapella Choirs that perform at various concerts including ‘Unplugged’ concerts and the Jazz Evening.

The ensembles include the Orchestra which performs an exciting and varied repertoire at various concerts throughout the year, the highlight of which is our annual Spring Concert at St George's Concert Hall; and there are ensembles for Strings, Wind, Brass, Saxophone, Guitar, Ukulele and Samba too as well as the Jazz Band, QEH Rock Project and Open Mic concerts.

Theatre Studies is also one of the subjects offered at A-Level, but there is so much more on offer in the Theatre for Sixth Form students.

You can audition for a part in one of the productions that are performed in the Theatre each term and recent productions include The Hound of the Baskervilles, Jerusalem, The Great British Bump Off and Our House, the Madness musical. You can even direct your own production with the full support of the Drama department.

If you are interested in the technical side of theatre; lighting, sound, props, costumes and make up, we have a Theatre Tech Club where you can learn new skills or polish up the ones you already have. Club members often 'run the desk' during rehearsals and performances of plays and concerts.

There are trips to the theatre to see various productions too, recently to London to see Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen in No Man's Land.