We aim to produce young adults who are well-educated not just well-qualified. Small classes, a positive work ethic and teachers with a real passion for their subject create a learning environment where students are stretched, not stressed.

All our boys are bright but they have different academic needs: some are gifted mathematicians and go on to distinguish themselves in national competitions; others are talented linguists. Many love science and go on to become doctors or engineers; others love reading and writing, expressing themselves elegantly in poems and essays. Some like the cut and thrust of debate in politics and history, whilst others like to work creatively or collaboratively in art, music and drama.

Our curriculum is broad but also offers the chance to study subjects in depth, and the creative subjects have room to breathe. We expect pupils to work hard, believing a good education is a voyage of discovery to be enjoyed.

Sixth Formers leave with excellent paper qualifications but they need more than those to equip them for university and beyond: we want them to have a well-stocked mind and to be able to think. Effective intelligence is the measure of a good all-round education.