Creative Arts

Drama, Music, Art and Design all flourish at QEH Juniors.

The Junior School benefits from having two rooms dedicated to creative art and design work.

It also has a fully equipped music room which is used for one to one lessons with peripatetic teachers and for group composition work.

The Junior School also has access to the wonderful QEH Theatre and all the boys get involved in the three productions that we perform each academic year.

In the Autumn term, Drama Club members perform in the Schools Shakespeare Festival at the Tobacco Factory.  Their most recent production was Macbeth, about which the adjudicator said, “The choices the cast made with their characters were very strong and they were technically very clear both physically and vocally.  This was a bold and stirring Macbeth that embraced the world of the play and inhabited the stage.  They were mature, professional and thoroughly engaging.”

In the Spring term, the younger boys are the focus, when they take to the stage.  Recent productions include The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella and The Snow Queen.  Finally, the Summer term comes to a close with the Year 6 leavers' play.  As our boys love to sing as well as act, this is usually a musical and we have enjoyed brilliant performances of Oliver Twist, The Wizard of Oz and The Lion King.  Performing in a professional theatre gives the boys valuable experience and builds confidence and resilience.

Music is taught weekly to each class by a specialist teacher.  The school has two choirs and instrumental groups which perform regularly throughout the year.

Many boys have lessons from the wide range of peripatetic music teachers who visit QEH Juniors. Our annual music concert provides all the boys with a chance to showcase their musical talents.  The Talent Show at the end of the Autumn term is always a highlight, giving the boys (and staff!) the chance to sing, dance, joke or perform magic to an appreciative, capacity crowd in the QEH Theatre.

Art and Design Technology are taught as part of termly topics in each class, which helps to make creative work more relevant and meaningful for the boys.  There are also weekly clubs for Art and Kit Model Making.