GCSE Results

We are delighted that our pupils have been successful in their efforts to gain top GCSE grades after 18 months of Covid-related disruption to learning.  This year’s exam success is a result of the pupils’ commitment to learning, ably supported by both teachers and parents.

“At QEH, we firmly believe in the importance of a strong partnership between school and home to ensure each pupil is supported to achieve to the best of their ability. This partnership has been even more important during the pandemic with pupils learning under changing Covid restrictions,” said Rupert Heathcote, Head of QEH.

“We are incredibly proud of all our pupils who coped brilliantly with online learning and periods of self-isolation. Our online classes ensured that pupils continued learning throughout lockdowns, so that courses were completed and could be assessed.”

Pupils’ hard work throughout the GCSE course enabled teachers to gather the evidence required for the exam boards. Three quarters of pupils’ grades were awarded at 7, 8 or 9 level, justly rewarding the efforts of these young people in the most challenging of circumstances.

Mr Heathcote added,

“Thank you to all the staff and parents who supported our GCSE candidates. And congratulations to our Year 11 pupils who had to dig deep, and who found the determination and resilience to succeed.  We look forward to welcoming them to Sixth Form next month.”

GCSE Results 2021

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