Clubs and Activities

QEH prides itself on the range of activities it provides, reflecting the wide interests and talents of the pupils and the commitment of the staff.

In the early years we nudge them into new areas including Junior Drama, the Choir, Photography, Fencing, Gardening Club and much more. Beyond this you can find groups of pupils pitting their wits against each other in chess and at table tennis.

We compete in the Rotary Club Public Speaking Competitions and ESU debates and run a comprehensive programme of internal debates across all the ages. Such experience bears fruit in areas such as the Gabblers Competition, sponsored by Bristol Hoteliers and most notably the European Youth Parliament Competitions. In recent years QEH has represented the UK on a number of occasions.

Variety is the key and all pupils should find activities that interest them. From Walking to Warhammer (a club run by the boys themselves), Chess to Life Drawing. It is there if you wish to participate.

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