Senior Admissions

Entrance examinations for entry in September 2023 will be held on 14 and 21 January 2023. 

Our main point of entry to the school is in Year 7 and we welcome boys to sit our entrance examinations which are organised in January for boys joining in the following September.  We also have a small intake into Year 9.

We may consider applications for boys to join other year groups up to Year 10, either in September or during the academic year. This will depend on whether we have places available.  

For entry into Year 7 or 9, the examination consists of three papers in mathematics, English and verbal reasoning.

The mathematics and English papers are written and set by the school specifically for the entrance examination. The mathematics papers starts at an elementary level and becomes progressively more complex. The English paper consists of comprehension and creative writing.  Please click the links to view sample papers for English and Maths

Further information and advice for the preparation for the entrance examination for Year 7 can be found here

The verbal reasoning practice papers are available from GL assessment either to purchase or download.

Interview and reference

All boys are invited to meet the Head and Head of Year for an informal interview to talk about their hobbies, interests and school work. The interviews take place before the entrance examination and normally form part of the boy’s taster morning in school. We will also obtain a reference from your son’s current school.

Exam day

Through the morning, boys are supervised by staff and Sixth Form pupils and we try to ensure that the boys enjoy the morning while appreciating that they will be nervous.

The morning begins at 9.00am in the QEH Theatre. The boys will be in small groups of 10-12 and will have the same tutor through the morning. At 9.15am, their tutor will take the boys from the QEH Theatre to a class room. The first exam will start at 9.30am.  Two papers will be sat before the boys have a break and we will provide a snack and a drink. The next two papers will take place after their break and the morning will finish about 12.30pm. If you son is having extra time then the morning will be slightly longer.

If you require any further information, please contact our Admissions Registrar:

Tel: 0117 930 3068

Email: [email protected]