Enrichment Instagram celebrates QEH community

Launched last month, the QEH Enrichment Instagram account celebrates all of the enriching ways that the QEH community is spending time during the coronavirus lockdown.

Previously hidden talents have been brought to light, as staff and pupils alike share their enthusiasm for cooking and baking, art and music, Lego modelling and DIY amongst many other activities.  Dr Dutton, English teacher, Scholarship Programme Director and 'Renaissance man' has been creating a series of videos on Italian cooking and lifestyle and it has been suggested that he needs his own YouTube channel or TV series! 

Pupils have also been encouraged to get back in touch by letter with the Trinity Care Lunch Club members and the residents of Amerind Grove Care Home with whom they spent time during their Enrichment afternoons before lockdown began.

A scroll through the Enrichment Instagram account gives a real flavour (pardon the pun but check out the cakes!) of the caring and supportive community that is QEH.


Insta 2 Page 001
Episode 4 of Dr Dutton's Italian lifestyle series.