The Scholars' journey begins

Last week the Year 7 Scholars’ Programme boys participated in a fantastic Retreat Day hosted by the conference centre at the Bristol Folk House. 

Fuelled by fantastic hot chocolate and delicious pastries from the Folk House Café, their introductory session provided some helpful background to the programme and an overview of the various components, including subject enrichment projects, enrichment reading novels and twilight enrichment sessions.  They then listened to one another’s presentations on the themes of identity and inspiration, and concluded with a discussion of the opening chapter of Neil Gaiman’s amazing novel, The Graveyard Book. 

After three and a half hours of hard intellectual work, they found that they had built up quite an appetite!  They were well rewarded by a fabulous lunch at the award-winning Three Brothers’ Burgers, and rounded out their Retreat Day by learning a new skill-set: how to play proper baseball (to the considerable amusement of those who were enjoying a sunny afternoon in Queen’s Square)!

The Scholarship Programme is designed to meet the learning needs of students of very high academic ability, by providing a continuous programme of academic enrichment from Years 7 - 11. 


Y7 Baseball Nov 2020
Post baseball pose!