Year 13 Pre-University and Enrichment Programme launched

In response to the cancellation of this year's A-level examinations, QEH has launched a challenging and comprehensive pre-university and enrichment programme for our Sixth Form students.

While acknowledging the frustration and disappointment that many Sixth Formers may be feeling, the programme offers a unique opportunity for students to explore and deepen their expertise in the areas of their subject that interest them most, and to complete a project or short course in the time they now have available.

Students are being encouraged to use this time to read, research, listen to and watch lots of different media relating to their subject, their university course or an area of academic interest.  Their tutors will monitor the programme the students are following and will, of course, be available to offer guidance and advice. The courses are designed to run from mid-May to mid-June when the students would otherwise be on study leave and sitting exams.

Those who are planning on going to university have been allocated the programme from the subject area that most closely relates to their chosen degree subject.

These subject-based courses will be delivered through various channels:

  • Lectures (by QEH staff or reference to online courses)
  • Discussion seminars using Teams (teacher or pupil-led)
  • Independent study, reading articles and conducting research
  • Film and video
  • Practical project work
  • Production of articles or written assignments

The full Sixth Form programme can be viewed here.

"We hope our Sixth Form students will take full advantage of this exciting and comprehensive programme designed by our teaching staff," commented Rupert Heathcote, QEH Head.  "Our students have a unique opportunity to develop and stretch themselves personally, culturally and academically, as they prepare for life after QEH."



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